2020 Centurion Excellence in Design Awards

Who won the Centurion Excellence in Design Awards in 2020?

We are proud to announce that Smart Arts Jewellery Limited received the Excellence in Design Award for the Ventus Earrings at the Centurion Exhibition held at the J.W. Marriot Desert Ridge and Spa in Phoenix. The award received was in the premier category: Jewelry Retailing Above US$7500.

The Ventus Earrings:

The Ventus earring is inspired by the uchiwa (traditional Japanese fans), and the outstretched wings of an eagle.

Each baguette has been precision recut to blend into the curves of the earring. As homage to the wind, each round diamond on the tip of the Ventus moves fluidly.

This earring showcases Smart Arts Jewellery’s strength in innovative design and exclusive craftsmanship.

About the Show and The Award:

Over the past 19 years, the Centurion Jewelry Show has been an exhibition where the best fine jewelry retailers, stores, manufacturers, and designers in the USA come together.

It is and has always been an invite only show; each exhibitor and visitor are vetted for their quality and reliability before receiving and invitation to participate.

Each year the Centurion Jewelry Show hosts a design competition between its exhibitors – with the retailers and stores as the judges. The most out of the box, and unique designs from top designers and manufacturers are displayed for the discerning eyes of the judges.

The winners of the awards are announced during the Gala Dinner of the show.

A lot of businesses claim that they do high jewelry. However, most of them simply cast gold and set stones. What makes authentic fine jewelry shops stand out is their meticulous attention to details, especially the filing, polishing, and cleaning of each piece. They make sure that all of the stones in a jewelry piece match in luster and color, particularly colored stones, to create a truly magnificent piece – both in value and aesthetics.

Other category winners were:

About Smart Arts Jewellery Limited:

Smart Arts Jewellery Limited has been designing and manufacturing fine and high jewellery for brands and top retailers around the world since 1999. Located in Bangkok – one of the leading countries for producing fine jewelery, we specialize in producing flexible, hand-joined jewelry with authentic high-quality gems that are perfectly matched for colour and brilliance.

Smart Arts Jewellery Limited was established in Bangkok in 1999 by Pradeep Lodha – who has been trading and manufacturing diamonds since 1987.

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Bruno Radegonde – Contributor – I’m a French Business Developer based out of Bangkok since 2010. Smart Arts Jewellery has been my beloved home since 2019 where I handle both Marketing & Sales.


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