Jewellers Circular Keystone 2020

The First of Its Kind Virtual Jewelry Show

The current extraordinary times due to the COVID-19 Pandemic have brought along many challenges for the Jewelry Industry – speeding up the adoption of technology in the sector.

JCK has planned a virtual event from the 10th to the 14th of August 2020 to help the jewelry industry reset, and restart business.

What should retailers and manufacturers expect from JCK 2020 – the first large virtual jewelry exhibition?

Table of Contents:

1- How the Coronavirus has affected the jewelry industry and JCK 2020?

Due to the unprecedented situation around the world caused by the coronavirus pandemic, all jewelry exhibitions have been cancelled or postponed to late in the year.

This has removed the main mode of interaction for retailers and manufacturers in the jewelry industry.

Due to travel restrictions and widespread health concerns, JCK 2020, the largest gems and jewelry exhibition in USA – attracting over 3500 exhibitors around the world, was cancelled.

The organizers of JCK 2020 have leveraged technology and taken proactive action by setting up a virtual exhibition from the 11th to the 14th of August 2020.

2- What to expect from JCK 2020?

JCK online will be the first major jewelry exhibition to host a virtual show – with more than 3,500 participants and a large list of invited retailers.

It will also be reaching out to buyers and retailers outside of the United States to help its exhibitors broaden their audience and minimize the impact of the cancellation of Basel World 2020 because of the coronavirus.

Each Exhibitor will be provided a “Virtual Showroom” where they can display their products, marketing materials.

“Visitors” will be given to option to inquire about the products on display via scheduling a conference call or sending a direct message to the exhibitor.

Furthermore, each visitor to the virtual showroom will be listed as a lead for the exhibitor – allowing them to get in touch and reach out for appointments.

  • JCK has integrated the capability to host online conference calls into the portal of their virtual exhibition.

3- How has JCK 2020 embraced technology to streamline their Virtual Exhibition?

JCK Online has incorporated many different technologies to create a streamlined experience to help both exhibitors and retailers optimize their time.

JCK has invested in developing algorithms to help guide retailers to jewelry manufacturers who fit their requirements – this series of algorithms is the basis for their “matchmaking” system.

The matchmaking system offers a wide variety of filters and categories, allowing manufacturers to target their product at specific requirements.

The matchmaking system creates a dashboard for the buyers/visitors based on the type of items they have previously searched, and the preferences and requirements they have specified.

This system also provides a CRM system for exhibitors, allowing them to keep track of leads and appointments.

  • As previously mentioned, each visitor to an exhibitor’s showroom will be listed as a lead. This will allow the exhibitor to reach out to the visitor and request an appointment with them.

4- What about Luxury by JCK?

Historically JCK has always hosted a separate, exclusive section of the show; Luxury by JCK. This section is reserved for premium brands, and manufacturers to showcase their products.

Only companies invited by Luxury may exhibit in this area.

Similarly, for the online event, the JCK 2020 Jewelry Show will be divided into two segments:

  • Luxury by JCK
  • JCK 2020

The Luxury by JCK show will begin one day early, on the 10th of August, allowing visitors and buyers more time to view the products from the invited exhibitors.

5- Keeping up the JCK Tradition

JCK has always hosted events during the exhibition to allow retailers and manufacturers get to know each other in a less formal environment, and to shine light on the outlook of the industry. JCK 2020 will be no different.

Informational webinars have been organized for each day, helping both exhibitors and retailers understand the outlook for the industry during, and after the coronavirus pandemic.

Each year, JCK hosts a grand dinner with world class chefs. For the virtual show, they are bringing in some of the best chefs in the USA to host a “cook along” session.

A movie night and games night have also been organized to provide the opportunity for Buyers and Exhibitors to interact in a conducive, casual environment.

6- Paving the Way for the Future

JCK 2020 aims to make up for the lost meeting opportunities for both manufacturers and retailers through their virtual jewelry exhibition.

They have taken the first steps to embrace technology in difficult times for the industry.

With no sign of respite in the situation around the world, Jewellery and Gem World Hong Kong (Previously known as the September Hong Kong Gems and Jewellery Show) has been cancelled.

The organizers of the exhibition, Informa Markets, are looking to follow suite and organize an online exhibition in October.

Details of the event have not yet been disclosed by Informa Markets. An official announcement is expected from them in late August/early September.

7- Will Smart Arts Jewellery attend Luxury by JCK?

Historically, Smart Arts Jewellery has been exhibiting at the Couture Show Las Vegas. This is a highly exclusive show where only invited exhibitors, and invited buyers are allowed to attend. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the Couture Show 2020 has been cancelled.

Smart Arts Jewellery has been invited to participate in the Luxury by JCK online exhibition and is currently deciding their plan of action. We believe it is imperative to develop an online presence to decrease the dependency on exhibitions – a point that has been highlighted greatly by the coronavirus pandemic.

Smart Arts Jewellery is still actively working with its existing customers on developing new collections as well as welcoming new prospects through embracing the internet and attempting to maximize its effectiveness.

8- What Steps Should Jewelry Designers and Manufacturers take in 2020?

Start adapting to the changing business landscape around the world.

Jewelry has been an integral part of human societies for millennia and will continue to hold an important place. However, the jewelry industry is changing its approach to embrace technology and the internet – a transition that has been accelerated further by the immobility caused by the pandemic.

We would recommend taking this opportunity to learn and understand how you can transform your business through integrating technology and embracing the internet. This will allow your business to transition and thrive in the long term.

Located in one of the leading countries for producing fine jewelry, Smart Arts Jewellery is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of superior fine jewelry. As a family-owned enterprise, it specializes in producing hand-joined flexible jewelry with authentic, high-quality gems that are perfectly matched for color and brilliance.

Smart Arts Jewellery was established in Bangkok in 1999 by Pradeep (Jolly) Lodha, who has been trading and manufacturing diamonds since 1987. With associate offices in New York, Hong Kong, Dubai, and Mumbai, Smart Arts Jewellery delivers sparkling gems to clients in over 30 countries worldwide.

Bruno Radegonde – Contributor – I’m a French Business Developer based out of Bangkok since 2010. Smart Arts Jewellery has been my beloved home since 2019 where I handle both Marketing & Sales.

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