Fine Jewellery Earrings Manufacturer in Bangkok Thailand

Blending Hand Crafting with Technology

Earrings are our specialty at Smart Arts Jewellery. We continue to blend the latest technological developments in the Jewellery field with the traditional art of hand joining to create truly luxurious earrings. We spare no time or expense in ensuring the earrings we manufacture are of the highest quality.

18 karat gold earrings set with burmese rubies and natural diamonds

The Flamenco Earrings

hand drawing and painting of the flamenco earrings

The Flamenco Genesis

Prioritizing Comfort and Design

We design and create each earring with the comfort of the end customer in mind. Each earring is lightweight – exerting minimum pressure on the ears of the wearer. We aim to provide the true luxury of immaculately designed comfortable, and flexible fine Jewellery earrings.

Smart Arts works with natural diamonds, precious stones, and semi-precious stones. We use 18 karat gold, platinum, and titanium as canvases for our earrings.

The Fiori Earrings

High Jewelry earrings in 18k gold set with diamonds and emeralds

The Fiori Earrings volumes

Develop Your New Earring Collection with Smart Arts

We develop earrings both based on our clients’ requirements, and for our own stock – for those who wish to browse and purchase from our designs. We have an extensive selection of styles and designs – appealing to individual tastes; from elegant to bold, and from dainty and minimalistic for every day use to larger statement earrings for important events.

Model wearing summer garden earrings set with Diamonds and emeralds

Summer Garden Earrings worn

Summer Garden Earrings

We also provide full product development services to our clients – helping them bring their ideas and inspirations to life. With just a quick sketch, or images of your inspirations we can take a journey together to create earrings that embody your vision. We can even adapt our designs to your requirements.

earrings natural diamond baguette tapper round 18k 18 karat white gold carat

The Ventus Earrings

Ventus Earrings with natural diamonds baguettes and rounds set on 18 karat white gold

The Ventus Earrings worn

Contact our sales representatives to further understand how we can assist you in developing your dream earrings.

Beautiful Panjshir emerald set with diamonds on 18 karat gold

The Panjshir Earrings and its necklace

Panjshir green emerald grs certified diamond Necklace white gold 18k 18 carat red carpet pear round oval

The Panjshir Earrings

Diamond Earrings and Precious Stone Earrings

Our collection of earrings uses natural diamonds, and precious stones – each of which is carefully selected and recut to maintain the essence of the design. We extensively use fancy shaped diamonds – setting our designs apart from other Jewellery manufacturers. We take meticulous care in ensuring that each colour stone is perfectly matched – a process in which we spare no time investment.

Necklace 18k white gold natural diamond blue sapphire round pear shape

The Lluvia Earrings

Lluvia earrings set on 18k gold with natural diamonds and blue sapphires with the necklace, ring and bracelet

The Lluvia Earrings and its set

Pushing Jewelry Manufacturing Boundaries

At Smart Arts we believe in experimenting with different materials and manufacturing methods to create unique earrings. Over the past few years, we have forayed into developing an expertise in combining a wide gamut of semi-precious stones with diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. This has added an additional dimension to our earring collection.

To explore our inlay collection, and to view our exploration of semi-precious stones – contact one of our representatives.


Working Internationally

Headquartered in Thailand, Smart Arts Jewellery has been working with clients across more than 35 countries. Our sales representatives make themselves available to our clients at anytime of the day – making sure they are communicating effectively through various platforms – from whatsapp, and emails to video calls. We ensure that you are constantly updated every step of the way whilst we design and create pieces for you.

From Thailand to wherever you may be based – we strive to make the distance irrelevant, and bring your visions to life.

When borders re-open, our sales team will be traveling the world to meet our clients – contact us now so we can have one of our sales representatives visit you the next time they are in your area.

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