Eternity Rings Manufacturer in Bangkok Thailand

Eternity Rings (a style of wedding bands) symbolize a bond that will last forever. They are essential for weddings and have also started being used a symbol for everlasting love for one’s child.

Emerald cut diamond eternity ring

EMERALD CUT train Eternity Rings

Pear shape diagonal natural diamond eternity ring

Pear shape natural diamonds eternity ring from 5ptrs to 70ptrs

Our Expertise with Eternity Rings

Smart Arts Jewellery produces eternity rings using variety of fancy shaped diamonds. The elegance and beauty of an eternity ring is attributed to its seamless structure, with minimal metal in between each stone. Eternity rings are also called infinity rings to further emphasize their boundaryless nature

pear shape alternate diamond eternity ring

Pear Shape Eternity Rings

oval tower diamond eternity ring

Oval tower diamond eternity ring

We take the utmost care with each ring manufactured in our workshop. There will be no gaps in between each stone – we and to ensure this, the last few stones are recut by our team of inhouse diamond re-cutters.

To further highlight the seamless structure of eternity rings – our eternity rings our based on precious metal “wire-work”. This further highlights each stone and reduces the weight of the ring whilst maintaining its strength.

Emerald cut tower diamond eternity ring

Emerald cut tower diamond eternity ring

Princess cut diamond eternity ring

Princess cut diamond eternity ring

We produce eternity rings in 14 karat gold, 18 karat gold, or platinum 950 as per the requirements of our clients.

If you would like to explore our manufacturing process of eternity rings further, do not hesitate to contact us.

Round diamonds and blue sapphires eternity ring

Round diamonds and blue sapphires eternity ring

oval train blue sapphires eternity ring

Oval train blue sapphires eternity ring

Our Range of Eternity Rings

Classic eternity rings are adorned wholly by diamonds all the way around them. With our business rooted in diamond trading and manufacturing, we can produce eternity rings with the diamond shape you desire – from ovals, pears, and marquise to princess cuts, emerald cuts, and baguettes.

With our manufacturing premises and headquarters based in Bangkok, Thailand – the hub of coloured stones – Smart Arts Jewellery also offers a wide variety of eternity rings set with precious and semi-precious stones. We ensure that each colour stone is perfectly matched, and recut each stone to ensure even luster and colour.

oval train emeralds eternity ring

Oval train emeralds eternity ring

oval train rubies eternity ring

Oval train rubies eternity ring

Smart Arts Jewellery also manufactures eternity rings with a mix of coloured stones and diamonds.

Check out our eternity bands in emeralds, rubies, and sapphires – or take a look at our rainbow eternity ring.

If you are looking for a manufacturer to produce the perfect wedding bands, look no further –contact us to get a quote on your requirements, or receive a pricing proposal.

oval tower blue sapphires eternity ring

Oval tower blue sapphires eternity ring

emerald tower diamond eternity ring

emerald tower diamond eternity ring

Eternity Rings – Essentials

Wedding Jewellery has always been and will continue to be one of the most important Jewellery segments. Eternity rings are an essential product in this segment, and hence hold importance for every retailer, and wholesaler in the Jewellery industry.

With the advent of ecommerce and increasing gamut of choices presented to final customers – providing a range of designs and price points for consumers in the wedding ring space is increasingly important.

oval tower rubies eternity ring

Oval tower rubies eternity ring

Stunning Eternity Rings

With this in account, Smart Arts Jewellery ensures that its clients have a wide selection of shapes and sizes of precious stones from which to produce eternity rings.

Over the past few years, the demand for eternity rings with Oval shaped diamonds, and Emerald Cut Diamonds has been increasing – with celebrities sporting these shapes to move away from the monotony of round diamond eternity rings.

Our sales representatives would be happy to assist you in exploring the best ways to expand your line of wedding bands.

We are always developing new design and ideas as well as technical solutions.

Contact us now to make your project become a reality with the best Thailand jewelry manufacturer.


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