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Eternity Rings (also called wedding bands) symbolize a bond that will last forever. They are essential for weddings and have also started being used a symbol for everlasting love for one’s child.

Smart Arts Jewellery produces eternity rings using all different shapes of diamonds. All the wedding rings manufactured in Thailand by Smart Arts Jewellery will not have any gaps in between the stones and are be based on 18K gold or platinum wirework. We make sure that any item leaving our premises will be of the highest possible standard of high jewelry.

Emerald cut diamond eternity ring

EMERALD CUT train Eternity Rings

Pear shape diagonal natural diamond eternity ring

Pear shape natural diamonds eternity ring from 5ptrs to 70ptrs

If you are looking for a manufacturer to produce the perfect eternity rings in Bangkok, look no further and contact us to get a free quote on your requirements, or receive a pricing proposal.

pear shape alternate diamond eternity ring

Pear Shape Eternity Rings

oval tower diamond eternity ring

Oval tower diamond eternity ring

Some jewelry history:

What is an eternity ring?

Do you want to make your partner shine? So, give her an eternity ring. It is a special symbol that represents eternal love and loyalty to the loved one.

Eternity rings are perfect fas wedding bands and are a gift that you can never go wrong with.

Emerald cut tower diamond eternity ring

Emerald cut tower diamond eternity ring

Princess cut diamond eternity ring

Princess cut diamond eternity ring

The special meaning of the eternity ring

An eternity ring (or wedding band) is a ring with stones all the way around it. Eternity rings can be found in different shapes of stones – from ovals, pear shapes, and marquise to princess cuts, emerald cuts, and baguettes. A classic eternity ring is adorned wholly by diamonds. We also offer eternity rings in coloured stones – or a mix of diamond and colour stones.  

These can be natural diamonds that are fully round or other shapes of diamonds that stand out in a special way (such as pears, ovals, marquises, princesses, emeralds, baguettes…). The eternal is magnificently symbolized by the succession of these diamonds. Of course, you can also add precious gemstones for a striking accent (such as rubies, emeralds, blue sapphires…)

Round diamonds and blue sapphires eternity ring

Round diamonds and blue sapphires eternity ring

oval train blue sapphires eternity ring

Oval train blue sapphires eternity ring

Eternity rings are a beautiful symbol in any relationships.

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“An ideal event to give an eternity ring as a gift is a wedding anniversary.”

oval train emeralds eternity ring

Oval train emeralds eternity ring

oval train rubies eternity ring

Oval train rubies eternity ring

Some sources say you must wait until the 60th wedding anniversary. Only then will you know for sure if you will stick together for the rest of your life. This theory seems somewhat outdated. After all, when you love at first sight you know it right away, don’t you?

The eternity ring is a timeless classic that truly suits any personality. It is an investment for life.

oval tower blue sapphires eternity ring

Oval tower blue sapphires eternity ring

emerald tower diamond eternity ring

emerald tower diamond eternity ring

The story behind the eternity ring

The origin of the eternity ring goes back a long way. According to legends, it originated from ancient Egypt, around 2000 years before Jesus Christ. Egyptian men would give a ring to their beloved to show their love and devotion. The ring then had the shape of a snake which eats its tail.

Over the years the image has changed from a snake to a neutral band in gold or platinum and set with natural diamonds.

oval tower rubies eternity ring

Oval tower rubies eternity ring

Stunning Eternity Rings

By its shape a diamond eternity ring symbolizes eternal love and loyalty. It is the ultimate symbol of love. For example, Marilyn Monroe was proposed in marriage with a wedding band.

The eternity ring is a classic that every woman knows how to appreciate. And this diamond ring is perfect as a wedding ring. It showcases your love because everyone can know that what you have is unique and forever.

We are always developing new design and ideas as well as technical solutions.

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