Certificates for Diamond


The diamonds used by SmartArtsJewellery.com go through a draconian selection using state of the art equipment, only very high quality products are worked, whether in terms of size, color or purity.

The purchases of diamonds from SmartArtsJewellery.com were made by legitimate sources. In addition, purchases follow United Nations resolutions to the letter.

With this certificate, therefore, we guarantee that these diamonds will not be used to finance an armed conflict. As for other precious stones, such as sapphires, rubies and emeralds, the selection is just as strict. Every detail is scrupulously scrutinized, and the sorting is meticulous.



Gemologists will take care of the expertise and the writing of the certificate using the latest technologies in order to deliver the most reliable result possible.

The certificate attests that a product is indeed a ” SmartArtsJewellery.com ” model shaped by true highly qualified and meticulous professionals. We make it a point of honor to produce fine craftsmanship by emphasizing the details.


Quality Control

Our quality control is very strict, all parts must comply with it. The origin of all our products is guaranteed, an identification number is assigned to each piece presented. The official title hallmark certifies its precious metal content on each product.

The Four Pillars of Quality improvements

Our vision is to constantly ensure top quality


Design Quality

Measure Quality

Realize Quality

Ensure quality

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