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Diamond Necklace Manufacturer in Bangkok Thailand

Smart Arts Jewellery is a diamond necklace manufacturer in Bangkok since the 80s. Historically, necklaces have been worn since the prehistoric era (using natural materials such as shells) and eventually became more and more popular from ancient civilizations to nowadays. Their purpose and dimensions greatly vary upon the occasion it is worn. Let it be for a wedding, a ritual, a funeral or a traditional ceremony, necklaces have also gain momentum as a fashion statement to display one’s wealth and status. In modern era, many necklaces from famous houses were made for the Elite. Technical and stylistic boundaries were pushed to satisfy extravagant tastes of personalities such as Napoleon or the Maharajas to name a few. Smart Arts Jewellery positions itself as one of the best necklaces manufacturer in Thailand. Our creative designers, diamond cutters, gem lapidaries and skilled craftsmen work hand in hand to create exclusive designs, exquisitely finished. Once worn on a neck, every single element softly and perfectly sits in order to create a stunning look that will surely turns heads. When coupled with precious stones, an essential step is the conscientious selection of the gems to perfectly match in colors even when sizes or shapes are different. Our creations are available in many different lengths that are customized upon client’s requests. 6 standard lengths are favored amongst our clientele:
  • Collar (between 12 and 13 inches)
  • Choker (between 14 and 15 inches)
  • Princess (between 16 and 19 inches)
  • Matinee (between 20 and 24 inches)
  • Opera (between 28 and 33 inches)
  • Rope (34 inches and up)
We pay special attention to our locking systems to prevent any accidental openings of the clasp. Careful engineering of the double safety lock ensures peace of mind for the wearer. These locks are intricately crafted to flow with the design. Some of necklaces can be lengthened or shortened easily by the wearer - by simply removing a modular section, a princess necklace can be converted into a choker. It is not unusual for our creations to tally hundreds of carats of diamonds and precious gems, hand-joined with thousands of elements to give birth to a one-of-a-kind High Jewelry. We are always developing new design and ideas as well as technical solutions. Contact us now to make your project become a reality with the best Bangkok jewelry factory.