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Diamond Pendant Manufacturer in Bangkok Thailand

Latin “Pendere” and Old French “Pendr” roots gave birth to the word “Pendant”. It has been a symbol of ornamentation in many, if not all, cultures. From amulets, to talismans, or lockets, and even medallions; pendants have kept their meaning throughout the ages as an award, an identification, a protection, a self-affirmation but most importantly, a fashion statement that remains its main purpose as of today. Smart Arts Jewellery has been a historical pendants manufacturer in Bangkok, Thailand, using a wide array of fancy shape diamonds as well as precious gems like rubies, sapphires and emeralds. For unround shapes, our own diamond production from rough includes ovals, marquises, princesses, baguettes, asschers or emerald cuts. Our diamonds range from VVS to SI and colors from D to H depending on the quality chosen, while following the Kimberley process. With a near seamless setting, the refinement reaches its paroxysm thanks to the use of the best precious materials coupled with an exquisite finishing quality. Bail dimensions are specific depending on the neck chain diameter. We also can also supply high quality chains separately upon request. The design smoothly blends with the volumes, shapes and colors to create an oneirically journey in the eyes of the beholder. Our pendants factory in Bangkok gathers the best of traditional craftsmanship coupled with state-of-the art equipment under one roof. Thanks to 3D designing technology, our designers can bring ideas to life with a surprising accuracy almost identical to what to expect from the finished real piece. Our experienced jewelers then carry on their magic to skillfully make the piece a reality that would last forever. As a top pendant factory in Thailand, our loyal customers spanning across 33 countries (brands, wholesalers, retailers…) can expect their ideas to come to life and be as close as their imagination and wishes can be. We are always developing new design and ideas as well as technical solutions. Contact us now to make your project become a reality with the best jewelry manufacturer in Thailand.