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Rings Manufacturer in Bangkok Thailand

Rings are most probably the most famous of ornaments and one of the oldest. It can be made with any material but the most popular will be either in precious metal such as gold or gold set with precious stones like diamonds, rubies, sapphires or emeralds. Rings made in Thailand have been known for being of high quality for decades. Rings act as a fashion statement and display of wealth for today’s generations. But its symbolic has much deeper roots, noticeably for married couples. But other reasons to name a few includes memberships in organizations, high achievements and even status. As a ring manufacturer in Bangkok, our forte lays in our ability to produce high quality in almost every style where diamonds or precious gems are set. Hundreds of ring styles coexist. The most famous ones are:
  • Engagement ring (often associated with solitaires, it is usually one or more diamonds set on a ring for the proposal)
  • Eternity ring (symbolizes never-ending love)
  • Wedding ring (usually full gold, it is sometimes set with a diamond on the inside)
  • Cocktail ring (often large with a mix of precious stones and diamonds)
  • Class ring (graduation ring mostly in the USA)
  • Ecclesiastical ring (usually worn by the Clergy)
  • Birthstone ring (each month has a different stone)
  • Signet ring (gentlemen’s ring with initials, organization, rank, family coat of arms…)
  • Cameo ring (carving displaying an image in relief)
  • Championship ring (for members of a winning team in competitions)
  • Amulet ring (good luck charm with magical power believed by the owner)
Take an eternity ring for example, most of rings manufacturers in Thailand will produce a piece where gaps can be noticeable. This will not be the case for Smart Arts Jewellery as a top rings factory in Thailand. We make sure that any item leaving our premises will be of the highest possible standard of high jewellery. Depending on the culture, the location where the ring is worn holds a deep meaning. Traditionally, the ring finger of the left hand will be the place of the Engagement and wedding ring. The left pinky would usually host the signet ring whereas the birthstone ring would be worn on the index of the right hand. If you are looking for a ring factory in Bangkok, look no further and contact us to get a free quote on your design or receive a pricing proposal. We are always developing new design and ideas as well as technical solutions. Contact us now to make your project become a reality with the best Thailand jewelry manufacturer.