About Smart Art Jewellery

Who We Are

Our company’s founder, Pradeep Lodha, has been involved in trading and manufacturing diamonds since 1987, with associate offices in Mumbai, Hong Kong, Dubai and New York. His expertise is in producing “fancy shapes” – pear, marquise, taper, baguette, carre, asscher, emerald and princess cuts.

In 1999, Pradeep decided to focus on hand-joined jewellery, and established Smart Arts Jewellery in Bangkok. Since, the company has successfully evolved into a producer of high quality fine jewellery. Still a family-owned concern we boast a clientele in over 30 countries world-wide.


What We Do

We imagine, design and create fine pieces of hand-joined flexible jewellery incorporating genuine, high quality gems that are perfectly matched for color and brilliance.

We perfectly blend traditional jewellery craftsmanship with the latest technology to produce exclusive jewellery that transcend time.

At our facilities in Bangkok, we design, model and produce pieces of the finest jewellery imaginable. Gems are polished, perfectly matched for color and brilliance and are then flawlessly set.

Meticulous international standards of quality control are applied at every stage of the process before any piece meets with our high standards of quality control.

Our People

We invest uncompromisingly in the heartbeat of the company, the people
who drive our company’s success. Some of our talented artisans have been with us since our doors opened in 1999, many others for over a decade. All have been trained to our exacting standards, and are true experts in their craft.

We are committed to continually improving our processes and we provide on-going knowledge and skills training to always ensure excellence and precision in our jewellery.

Vision & Values

Our vision is to produce sublime jewellery of the highest quality for discerning clients worldwide.


We simply love and take great pride in creating
beautiful pieces with jewels that sparkle
across the globe.


We strive for excellence; the best gems, the
finest technology, the highest standards of craftsmanship.


In human and labour rights, safe working conditions and environmental impact. We follow responsible business practices and are transparent and honest in all our business dealings


For the traditions of jewellery making; for our people;
for the environment; for the rules and regulations
of the countries in which we operate.

Our Founder

Our vision is to produce sublime jewellery of the highest quality for discerning clients worldwide.

Pradeep (JOLLY) Lodha

As a physicist from Bombay University (B.Sc.), Pradeep combines a special blend of practical scientific knowledge with an alluring fascination of the world around him. In his position as Creative Director at Smart Arts Jewellery, he has translated these qualities into creating exceptional and distinctive jewellery. He is respected as an expert in his knowledge of the gemstone industry and, in particular, the selection of colored stones.


Corporate Social Responsibility

The Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation

A non-profit organization involved in education and village development, The Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation is the largest grassroots, non-government education initiative in India and Nepal. It currently provides free education to more than one million children, working towards eradicating illiteracy from rural and tribal areas. We have been providing assistance to this highly effective and very worthwhile cause.

Bangkok’s Underprivileged Children

In Bangkok, through our local workforce, we are very conscious of the desire for Smart Arts to provide help for disadvantaged children in local orphanages and blind schools. The assistance we offer is in terms of both financial donations and in the provision of toys and educational equipment.

Healthcare Programs

Poor and deprived sectors of society in Thailand can suffer from a lack of easy access to basic healthcare. We provide support to a number of programs in Bangkok, in their admirable efforts to provide support for those who are unable to seek mainstream healthcare.

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